Comings/Goings on


I have written a song called Art of the Empire or #aote (as it has become affectionately known as) for welsh pop artist Sarah Wynn. Sarah hopes to record a video and release the song later this year. Watch this space.

I have just finished up the vocals for a collaboration with Austrian Dance Producer¬†Hermann Unterwurzacher. A track entitled ‘Burn in your Soul’ will hopefully get some recognition in the coming months.

As ever, should you need any writing, let me know…



Hi All.

Been busy plugging away this year. Paid off with a brief liaison with a Nashville record label. Unfortunately, it wasn’t to be, but it’s great to know some of my acoustic/folk tunes are of interest to our friends in Tennessee.

I’ve supplied North Wales singer Sarah Wynn with a number of songs this year, and she hopes to release one of them early on in 2014, so watch this space for more info.

I’ve gone back to my heavy rock roots with a number of new metal-esque songs which will hopefully appeal to the Scandinavian/German scene.

Keep checking back for more updates.


Just a bit of news…

What we have on the go at the moment:

Songs on worldwide adverts.

Written song for UK female soloist.

Computer game music (more).

Pushing a pop song to various labels/management.

Writing some more country/folk.

#everbusy #sometimesquiet #therockthatdoesntroll #musicismybreath


International Songwriting Competition

I have submitted 2 of my songs to the ISC 2012. The categories I entered were Folk/Singer/Songwriter and Pop/Top 40.

Strangely, I had only recently been given a Tom Waits album to listen to for the first time. “Raindogs” blew my mind, and when I found out he was a judge at the ISC I knew I had to enter!

The songs Ive entered are Salt in the Wounds and Take it Back. Let’s hope they do well and gain me some interest as a songwriter!

Computer Game

Recently I have written some music for upcoming computer game “Project MIA”.

The brief was some 8 bit music for the retro style game.

The makers have liked what I submitted, so all being well will appear in the game!

For the technicals out there, I dug out my Roland MC303 which was perfect for this project.